Anesthesia Trolley 麻醉車 (For inquiry only 此產品需報價)



Model: AD-P08 Please contact us for quotation and more information. Telephone: +852 5106 8487 Email: [email protected]

Maklumat produk

Main features

  • Structure: Double aluminum alloy side columns with ABS body
  • ABS plastic top board with swallow type handle and protruding edge
  • With transparent double rows (2*5) multi-bin containers
  • Side rails: 3 pcs, Stainless steel, around the top board for protection
  • Four 100mm castors and two with brakes
  • With five drawers: two small size, two middle size and one big size, each inner with partitions which can be organized freely, besides, each drawer with label card holder
  • With central locker for all drawers, besides, each drawer with automatic self-locking system
  • With Storage boxes, utility basket, sharp container also basket to hold it, dust basket with foot pedal
  • Certification: CE, ISO13485


  • Overall size (L*W*H): 780*745*1000mm
  • Castor: Dia 100mm


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